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Active Accounting Services Co.,Ltd. provides clients with forward thinking advice that helps them to break through complex businesses and financial issues by understanding their needs and bringing together the right team to address them. With Active Accounting Services Co.,Ltd., your complexity is our challenge and your success are our honor.

Through our technical excellence combined with personal commitment we deliver you best supports differentiate from other service providers.

To learn more about our services:

  • Business Registration
  • Taxation Service
  • Accounting Service  
  • Support for Tax Audit 

Now we would like to introduce the three main services that are used in daily business operation.

Board Message

Mr. Sothy Lycheafay, Board Director of Active Accounting Services Co.,LTD

Mr. Sothy Lycheafay is presently the owner of Active Accounting Services Co.,Ltd. According to personal experience, he has connected with auditor, adviser, accounting manager and consultant from various enterprise, Moreover, he is a freelancer consultant of taxation and accounting.

Mr. Lycheafay has gained over 5 years of professional experience in consulting accounting and taxation, he was graduated Bachelor degree in Accounting skills and pursuing ACCA qualifications, on the other hand is a member of Cambodia Accounting Club (CAC) and especially he has qualified tax agent by General Department of Taxation (GDT).